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Let’s face it, keeping outdoor wood looking good is a real battle. The rain, the snow, the ice, the temperatures and the sun can really do harm to exposed wood. Every single year, I had to power wash and stain my own deck, steps, spindles and handrails. It was something that ruined Spring for me, knowing that I had to spend days to do this service and knowing  that it wouldn’t hold up to the elements.

Taking what I learned from my company Mr. Sandless the world’s largest wood floor refinishing company,  I developed an outdoor system for wood that is unmatched in the industry. Our system gives better results than  any I have ever seen, lasts longer than any other service performed, and instantly brings back the beauty of any  outdoor wood. We don’t just stand alone in this industry. We stand above all the rest, offering the only warranty  of its kind in the world. You will be proud to offer this amazing service in your market by joining us today.  All you have to do is request information and we can get you started on your path to great success!

Dan Praz, CEO Mr. Sandless and Dr. DecknFence